More than just a company

HÖR Technologie designs and produces complete gear units and technically advanced individual components such as camshafts.

However, what we produce is less important than how we produce it.

The reason for this is that technology is developing so fast that we may be producing something entirely different in a few years’ time. However, the way we go about it will be exactly the same as it has been for the last 30 years.

One thing is clear: worldwide you won't find many companies which can provide you with the services that we offer. Development, design, production, heat treatment and quality control of precision components - some with highly complex special geometries - at a manufacturing precision level of up to one thousandth of a millimetre.

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Over 30 years’ experience

Our success story began in the year 1979, when the company started up in a small garage in Weiden, Upper Palatinate.

Today HÖR employs a workforce of 300, all of them highly qualified specialists, from machine designers to engineers with the experience, know-how and personal commitment to create peak technological products and services.

However, as we all know, technicians of this quality don't grow on trees. This is why excellence in basic occupational training combined with the ongoing acquisition of new skills and qualifications have always been a decisive element within our HR policy. It is therefore not surprising that most of our team have been part of the company for many years now. The wealth of experience which has been accumulated in the process benefits each one individually, together with the company as a whole.

Environmental policy

HÖR Technologie has set itself the target of creating a successful combination of economy and ecology.

Protecting the environment is therefore a central component of our company philosophy:

The conservation of resources plays a major role in our everyday operations, and complying with statutory regulations goes without saying for all employees.

A policy of continuous improvement in environmental services aimed at treating the environment responsibly and conserving it for future generations is consistently driven forward and supported by the management.


  • Regular checks by management on compliance with the company's environmental policy and the resulting environmental targets together with the environmental management system ensure a process of continuous improvement within the company. This process is monitored in the form of internal environmental audits.
  • By means of the environmental management system integrated within the company HÖR Technologie makes sure that all applicable environmental legislation is complied with.

  • The selection of our suppliers on environmental criteria also enables us to have an impact on improving environmental conservation among these suppliers.

  • By implementing modern production facilities and processes we aim to keep the consumption of resources and the impact on the environment to a minimum.

  • Regular training activities provide our workforce with information about sustainable operations within their individual areas of responsibility and familiarise them with the company's environmental policy. In addition they are encouraged to apply this know-how within their daily work.

  • All stakeholders who are in contact with HÖR Technologie, i.e. customers, suppliers, the authorities and the public are informed about our environmental conservation activities and efforts by a transparent and clear information policy.

Join the team

From a thought to an idea. From an idea to a solution. At HÖR Technologie we are driven by innovation and the pioneering spirit. We work on behalf of Formula 1, the aviation and aerospace industries, the automobile and automotive industries as well as companies in the field of medical engineering or energy technology.