From a thought to an idea.
From an idea to a solution.


We work on behalf of Formula 1, the aviation and aerospace industries, energy technology, the automobile industry and medical technology.

Worldwide you won't find many companies which can provide you with the services that we offer you: development, design, production, heat treatment and quality control of precision components - some with highly complex special geometries - at a manufacturing precision level of up to one thousandth of a millimetre.

At our company we are driven by innovation and the pioneering spirit. An important factor for our own success and that of our customers is the fact that HÖR Technologie offers an all-round spectrum of services, starting with the development of prototypes. We start at the very beginning and find solutions which you yourself perhaps may not even know that you need.


Precise interplay

Fast. Flexible. Reliable.


How do we, a small company in the Upper Palatinate, managed to produce precision components to such a high technical standard? The answer is that we have experience and specialist know-how. We are fast and flexible. And we are never satisfied with what has been achieved – our aim is to become better and better. Setting new benchmarks.


High standards

Cutting-edge technology.
The ultimate in precision.


A theoretical design is one thing – but putting it into practice and creating a prototype or series is something entirely different. At HÖR Technologie creating the ideal blend of theory and practice is a central factor for success. Engineers from much larger companies would be delighted by our technical resources in terms of machinery.

However, even more important than the right machines is having people who are skilled at using them. And this is why the HÖR team consists of specialists with a love of technology who are always looking for the best possible solution.

Outstanding testing and measuring equipment ensures maximum precision in quality assurance and accompanies the entire production process, down to the last micrometre.